Storms In The Skyy Group Buy Ins

Discount Memberships on Children's Educational Programs. 

What is a Group Buy In??

In 2016, I was asking that same question! What on earth is a group buy in? 

A group buy in is when a host (myself) works with a company to make a large bulk purchase of their program at a discounted price. Each company will determine the price and minimum number of memberships needed to purchase. Some programs also have a time frame in which the purchase must be made. Once we have determined those factor, I put together a buy in for that program. I take the price I will need to purchase each membership for and add a few dollars that are used to help cover my fees (website, payment processing, automatic emails etc) and it also leaves a little for my time. 

Over the last 7 years, my group has grown to over 13k people and more coming everyday! I have been able to work with some incredible companies and I will continue to add more! 

Take a look at the programs I have available and please contact me with any questions you have! 

A Girl With a Dream

Jennifer Duchemin

Super Mom

In 2016, as a homeschooling mom, I was looking for fun educational programs that my kids would actual use. I came across a math game that they really enjoyed. Of course, this awesome free game, offered a membership. that, as my kids put it, would make the game SO MUCH COOLER! I wanted to get it for them, but there was no way I could afford to get it for all 3.... that is where Storms In The Skyy got started. Here I am, 4 years later and helping thousands of families afford memberships to programs for their kids! 

"Have used this for a couple of years now to allow my kids to use Prodigy at a price I can afford. It's a great game and Jennifer provides such a wonderful service for everyone out of the goodness of her heart. Thank you!"

Awesome Mom

I am using Stormsintheskyy for last 2 years. I can't thank enough Jennifer for running this group which gives the opportunity to buy subscription for different popular programs at a very affordable price. Jennifer is exceptionally helpful and provides great before and after sales service. Really appreciate all your efforts. Thanks again!

Pradyut Chakraborty