Storms In The Skyy Group Buy Ins

Discount Memberships on Children's Educational Programs. 

*I have submitted Christmas rounds for Prodigies Music, Sign It ASL, Prodigy Math, Boddle Math and Dreamscape! 

If you are purchasing now, your order will be in the next round!

What is a Group Buy In??

In 2016, I was asking that same question! What on earth is a group buy in? 

A group buy in is when a host (myself) works with a company to make a large bulk purchase of their program at a discounted price. Each company will determine the price and minimum number of memberships needed to purchase. Some programs also have a time frame in which the purchase must be made. Once we have determined those factor, I put together a buy in for that program. I take the price I will need to purchase each membership for and add a few dollars that are used to help cover my fees (website, payment processing, automatic emails etc) and it also leaves a little for my time. 

Over the last 7 years, my group has grown to over 13k people and more coming everyday! I have been able to work with some incredible companies and I will continue to add more! 

Take a look at the programs I have available and please contact me with any questions you have! 

A Girl With a Dream

Jennifer Duchemin

Super Mom

In 2016, as a homeschooling mom, I was looking for fun educational programs that my kids would actual use. I came across a math game that they really enjoyed. Of course, this awesome free game, offered a membership. that, as my kids put it, would make the game SO MUCH COOLER! I wanted to get it for them, but there was no way I could afford to get it for all 3.... that is where Storms In The Skyy got started. Here I am, 4 years later and helping thousands of families afford memberships to programs for their kids! 

"Have used this for a couple of years now to allow my kids to use Prodigy at a price I can afford. It's a great game and Jennifer provides such a wonderful service for everyone out of the goodness of her heart. Thank you!"

Awesome Mom

I am using Stormsintheskyy for last 2 years. I can't thank enough Jennifer for running this group which gives the opportunity to buy subscription for different popular programs at a very affordable price. Jennifer is exceptionally helpful and provides great before and after sales service. Really appreciate all your efforts. Thanks again!

Pradyut Chakraborty